About the Author

Growing up in a Baptist family, Nathan responded to an altar call and baptism as early as 8 years of age. While the seed may have been planted, the religious motions were likely driven out of fear and not love. A wayward lifestyle interspersed with lukewarm Christianity ensued through his late twenties, until one of his friends stopped drinking and invited him to church. Nathan recalls, “What shocked me, was that I was being invited to church!” One providential Monday night in July of ’98, Greg Laurie gave a message, and Nathan gave his life to Jesus. It was this milestone that caused all that had been planted and watered for years to finally bloom. Within several months, Nathan felt called to serve in ministry and began training as a follow-up counselor as part of Greg Laurie’s Monday night ministry and Harvest Crusades. Nathan alternately began to retrain his former heavy metal guitar skills to play worship music which later became his passion. Since that time, Nathan has been used by God in various ways for worship and ministry helps, most recently as worship leader and assistant pastor through Calvary Chapel Perfect Love in Spring Valley, CA.

About three years ago, Nathan realized world events were becoming increasingly prophetic, and began to hunger for the New Year’s Eve updates of his former pastor, Chuck Smith. An internet search turned up a Calvary pastor in Hawaii, whom Nathan immediately latched onto. Under his teaching, he learned proper ways of dissecting news sources and filtering events through scripture. He also found many others who properly handle and teach prophecy which has changed Nathan’s worldview irreversibly. Armed with the Holy Bible and hermeneutics, Nathan began to be an eschatological Berean, feeling the call to sift through endless information and search the scriptures, writing down what scripture reveals in light of current events. This blog is the birth of those writings and a platform to share the love of the scriptures and to stir up hearts for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

Nathan currently resides in Austin, Texas with his Proverbs 31 wife of 7 years. He is also the father of three incredible children, and has been a practicing nurse for 22 years.