Blog Overview

Biblical prophecy is a fascinating subject and one that requires a great deal of scriptural gymnastics. It’s this flipping back and forth from Old and New Testament, coupled with the plethora of available relevant and irrelevant information, that may seem daunting to many Christians.

Being faced more often with irrelevant material in all forms of media, I have long felt a quiet calling to start sifting through this admixture and reflect on and write down what the scripture says in relation to what people are saying–a sort of eschatological Berean.

This platform will allow me to share these insights along with an offering of personal end-time perspectives with the same scriptural filter in hopes of stimulating a thirst for scripture, Christ, and His soon return.

Not to sound entirely academic, some enjoyment is derived in speculation of end time events simply because there are so many applications that scripture can unpack…so long as we don’t go off the rails. Scripture interprets scripture and we have not been given license by God to assign meaning and satisfy our imagination.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the material. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Looking for His coming